The Construction Safety App for Builders and Trade contractors

Hazardeye will assist you with your work health and safety compliance while delivering a faster more accurate reporting, communication, and document management system.

Who we are

We are a small team who are passionate about safety for the construction industry.   We have worked hard to improve safety systems for builders and tradies since 2012.

Having years of experience in the industry our team knows the importance of ensuring that your business can provide a safe work environment for all trades and visitors to site.


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Created specifically for builders and tradies to meet compliance requirements onsite!

We created HazardEye in response to the frustrations of small to medium business owners within the construction industry finding it hard to keep up with health and safety compliance paperwork while trying to grow a successful business.

Builders and tradies recognise that risk assessments are a key requirement in not only meeting compliance on site but in establishing a safe place of work.

HazardEye meets compliance and reporting requirements without chewing up valuable construction time as the more conventional risk assessment processes do.

Implement and track your business safety compliance.

HazardEye is a risk management and document control app seamlessly connected to web-based software for administrative management. Put simply, it is a construction safety app developed for builders, sub-contractors, and workers. At each level it provides workplace personnel with the means for site safety data, documentation, and compliance evidence to be uploaded immediately to the principal contractor’s admin platform.

We know that safety compliance is crucial to running a successful construction business. HazardEye will enable you to communicate safety information between supervisors, workers, and subcontractors working on any of your projects.

This will revolutionise the way you implement and maintain safety compliance on site. HazardEye ensures effective paperless reporting systems, instant and accurate record keeping, and cloud-based storage systems for all work health and safety compliance processes and performance.


The Intuitive Construction Safety App

Implementing HazardEye will save you time. HazardEye provides an intuitive and efficient platform for builders and trade contractors to implement and maintain safety compliance whilst carrying out their building projects.

One of the most significant benefits of Hazardeye is its fast and effective reporting system. The app allows users to generate detailed reports such as risk assessments, hazard and risk control reports, recurring safety issues, incidents, and near misses with ease.

By streamlining this process, construction businesses can quickly identify patterns or areas that need improvement, leading to safer work environments. Further, these digital records remove the need for paperwork overload and the risks associated with lost or misplaced documentation.

This standout feature of the paperless approach of HazardEye is a refreshing change. It declutters your workspace and promotes a more sustainable way of working. With just one device – your smartphone or tablet – you have access to all your safety documents and records at any given moment. You can always have your entire compliance management system right with you.


Hazardeye produces faster more usable reports than paper systems saving up to 75%. 


Hazardeye will improve your work health and safety compliance management.


Reporting hazards, incidents or near misses with Hazadeye is fast and accurate !


Manage, store, sign, and share your project safety documents with Hazardeye! 

Perfect solution for safety compliance and growing businesses

Manage your Safety Documents inside the Hazardeye App.

Upload your SWMS and other safety documents into Hazardeye and make changes on the go for site specific requirements.

Sign off your Safety Documents with Hazardeye

Hazardeye makes it easy for your workers and subcontractors to sign off on any document after they have been inducted to site. 

Share your safety documents direct from Hazardeye

After the safety documents have been signed off, a digital copy will be saved to Hazardeye for management to access instantly. You can share it with workers and subcontractors or third party stakeholders. Hazardeye’s sign off feature will work on all document types. 


A Smarter Safety Management System

Leave the paper trail behind and findout the clear benefits of using Hazardeye to implement and manage your work health and safety.

One Platform For all Safety Tasks

Complete risk assessments, identify and record hazards, report hazards, incidents, and near misses to the supervisor or principal contractor, and so much more!

Choose the Best Plan For You

HazardEye is being offered to all construction businesses at a special introductory price!


Hazardeye platform makes it easier to stay compliant

Before making any commitments, take the opportunity to try out Hazardeye. Schedule a demonstration today to see how it can benefit you and your organization. Make an informed decision.

Complete your email address and hit
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